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Poopies Signature GHOSTSHAPES Surfboard

Poopies Signature GHOSTSHAPES Surfboard

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The Poopies Model - something for everyone: A board for experienced surfers and beginners to absolutely send it on everything. Poopies doesn’t care how gnarly or how wild the conditions are...HE JUST GOES! This is the preferred model that Poopies chooses to ride. 

Every board is made to order and 100% handcrafted with a specialty abstract resin tint that is one of a kind! 

This board comes in 2 different sizes.


  • Length: 6'2", Width: 19 3/4", Thickness: 2 5/8", 33.2L
  • Length: 7'2", Width: 21 1/4", Thickness: 2 3/4", 42.9L

The average production time is 8 weeks and then it will ship out.

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